BBC down

Probably BBC's Biased reporting on palestinian issue got better of them

Its working now..boycoot jew NEWS and BBC :P

BBC is again down

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Website Name: Checked:
139.07 ms.Response Time:
~6 minsDown For:
DOWN is DOWN for everyone.
It is not just you. The server is not respondin

It's not down,it showed methe error message but with vpn it worked fine,i think they are blocking ips...

Its working on vpn

As per my opinion , Real url Now Each Countries have own sub domain on BBC, which is automatically redirect by BBC.

I have been using HotspotShield VPN and its working fine for me from the day first we only know a little bit there are a lot of pages that are blocked in Pakistan and the worst case is that google does not show them as well because Govts are behind all these things.