Battlefield 3 PC - Pre Order

Battlefield 3 PC - Pre Order

As I expect a lot of people will be buying legit BF3 this year, hopefully. So I am offering another service. I'll be offering BF3 Pre-Order probably cheaper then you can find anywhere on internet. (if you do find it cheaper anywhere, do let me know via PM).

All keys will be bought from CJS, but the guarantee will be my personal i.e. that anything happens to your key, I'll either offer a refund or a new key.

Pre-order will continue till the end of September, keys will be dispatched a day or two before the release date.

You will have to pay now via Standard Chartered bank for you to secure a key.

I have already ordered 10 keys, will order more once we get more people.

PRICE: 2350/- (almost 27$)

If you need anymore information, shoot me a PM.

Pretty awesome! Would definitely get one if it is as legit as you made it look.

Price Lowered !

^ I hope you're not another scam like sadder.

I guarantee a refund or a new key . But hopefully there shouldnt be any problem in the first place to begin with.

^ should be ? oO You must've meant shouldn't be right :P... Or are u intentionally trying to scam us :P..

P.S: j/k

lol my bad .. I meant shoudlnt be . Cmon JDk i play tf2 with you . Remember me ? Do i look like a scammer :P

Nah. Just messing with ya. Had to go through a lot of pain dealing with CJS when I got BC2 last year. I wouldn't recommend dealing with CJS. Me and a lot of people's personal experience was not good with them.

I really like this and ready to pay you in cash. But can you take advantage of the referral system to sell the game for even cheaper afterall we are buying through you?

Read here

You could actually sell the game to us at mere 17 dollars!

17 U.S. dollars = 1476.07884 Pakistan rupees

That would only be just 1 copy . Which means if 1 buy one and refer other people only then would I get it cheaper . For this thread I have bought 10 copies of the game already .

I sent you a pm, did you get it?

Did you get my PM?

PS: is this limited edition or standard?

[quote=“07ee17, post:12, topic:15397”]

Did you get my PM?

PS: is this limited edition or standard?


PM replied. Also Limited edition is available. See the PM.

Only reason I'm holding back is because of EA holding out BF3 from steam. If they made it available, I'd buy it in a heartbeat. I'd prefer to keep all my transactions to a single download service. How long do u intend to keep this up ? Did you also make a thread at PG as well ?

Physical Warfare pack possible?