Battery for APC UPS 500 BK500M

I have APC UPS 500 BK500M with its Dead Battery, kindly tell me that can I use 135mH Volta Battery with it for charging and getting backup from it? please answer me because I want this UPS unit as like Homage or other power inverters.

If I am not mistaken then APC UPS units in Pakistan are modified so they charge at a higher current. If your UPS is modified then yes you should be able to use it. If it has not been modified then even though you can use it, it will take the UPS 40-50 hours to charge your battery after every loadshedding

I think it is not modified, how to modify it for quick charging?

your ups is a very old, discontinued model with very limited capabilities.. it canot charge batteries fast enough even if modifed.

better to get a 1500SUI .. it can charge batteries better and is a 980W model

Thanks for replying