Battery charging

Hi Guys,

I got Cyberex UPS system of 30KVA capacity, recently we found that battery bank of 60 cell (4 cell = 1 battery) 1 cell battery is damged - its electrolyte was completely drained out. Before taking any action we took the readings both physically and on the UPS display was 134.2vdc output voltage from the battery bank. Later we decided to remove the damaged battery from the bank (4 cell battery = 8 volts) and keep the 56 cell battery running with UPS. Now, i am having a concern if the system will over charge the battery bank, since the cyberex UPS system is a software based. So kindly help me how i can evaluate the current battery bank is safe and in equilize charging condition.


30 KVA system?

for a system this large, your supplier / dealer should also provide your service for it as well.. contact them immediately for any relevant problem on first basis.

i think u r talking abut 3 kva ..... it cant b 30 kva .......