Batteries for Apc sua1500i

Hello folks.

I want to buy AGS batteries for my apc sua1500i. plz suggest which is best 165ah or 175ah.


both r ok.............

somewhere i read that this ups will not be able to fully charge 175ah batteries

no its fine ......... u read too much ..........

ideal combination if load is medium level.. AGS 132-135AH batteries

max recommended but not limited to 165AH..

The other day i bought ags 165ah batteries for my apc ups 1500va so far so good.

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a month ago i bought 165ah batteries then got my ups calibrated. backup time was good now for the last few days backup time is only half an hour. do u think i have to re calibrate it again. and whats the reason y the ups reset??

i think the vendor wasn't capable of doin calibration properly cux constants cannot be changed so vigorously ....also check ur ups charging current .......

charging current is around 8-9amps

then re-calibrate the ups n do ask hm da reason .......

charging is ok.. for that unit this is sufficient charging.. your backup is low probably due to the constant reset.

this isnt a big deal.. this happens when either your batteries die out and you restart ups. like on your previous dead batteries.. ir replacing very dead with brand new ones.. so it needs a reset..

its just like installing new drivers in windows.. no biggie but a bit technical, like if you need a clean start.