Barclays Bank Pakistan

I need to open an account at Barclays Bank Pakistan. Can anyone tell me the services and quality of banking compared to standard chartered bank. I have also heard the Barclays is going to be purchased by Faysal bank. Is this true? and if it is then when they are going to merge?

And please also suggest that if there is any Banking forum of pakistan just like wired pakistan or any consumer blog of banking in pakistan.

^^ If you do not find a banking forum, I rekon you make one :) or a blog atleast.


barclays is an international banking company, i doubt they will be taken over by anyone.

Since they dont operate like other pakistani banks, the rumours of it being taken over might be due to the lack of usage, they would not be taken over, but there branch would close and some other bank would take it's place, making it hard for you to access your money if there are no other branch's of barclays in your area.