Banks that offer instant transaction/credit update?

I was looking at different Banks. What I need is 'instant' update of balance when amount is credited to it by means other than cash in local branch. I mean someone sending money through ATM or online from another city for example. I want the said transaction to show up 'instantly' on Internet Banking. I think this is the case with Bank Alfalah but they do not offer Internet Banking or IVR.

According to Meezan Bank's Internet features page, they offer up2minute balance/transaction details. Can someone with a Meezan Bank account confirm this to me? i.e. when you were sent money by someone in another city, did it appear instantly as a transaction with all the details in 'statement', not just the balance update? I am using UBL eBanking but the transaction does not appear in statement until a few hours to a day has passed. I can only tell that the amount is credited by seeing different between statement and available balance.

UBL balance does update on the IVR AFAIK but the online system is rather confusing. Recently, it has started to update instantly but I am not sure if that always is the case. Almost all banks have IVR updates. I believe MCB has instant updates too online but I am not too sure.

The safest bet is Standard Chartered. They have always updated instantly for me at the internet banking.

Hey, wat's up =), yah I was surprised to see a transaction show up instantly (I saw it after perhaps 1-2 hours of the actual transaction) but it was never this fast for me before on UBL.