Bank loan


My cousin is in need of RS 7 to 8 lakhs of loan from a bank (for overseas study). preference is repayment starting after 1 or 1.5 years of loan issuance. which bank is offering lowest interest rate on lending? (i am in doubt that any bank will lend him for overseas education). any suggestion/help will be highly appreciated.

i think if you tell the above situation to bank i don't think you'll ever get loan, young people those who leave pakistan for eduction or for any other reason seldom come back. there is good chance you can get loan if you apply for secured loan like having flat/house or shop as collatral against the loan.

my suggestion would be not to use student loan for overseas reason at all, i am pretty sure this will not work in pakistani bank.

but again i might be wrong. since i never applied for student loan for overseas, what i have written above is based on my experience in dealing with business related loans with banks which is difficult in its own right.

he is going for secured loan against his house. which bank has lowest interest rate in the market?