Bank Cash Withdrawal

Salam Everyone!

I have meezan bank account. Now i want to know that how to withdraw cash by cheque for myself? I mean what to write in "Pay" blank. Self?




both will work, but DONT CROSS your cheque.

i usually seen cash on the cheque for cash withdrawal ...

cash will be better

Yeah just withdrawed by writing cash.

The proper thing to write in the first field is 'Self' or your name, as it should have payee's name. If you look after that field, it says 'or bearer' which means either you are nominating a person to be paid, or it can be made a bearer cheque, which means anyone can get it encashed. If you do not cross the cheque but cut the words 'or bearer' then the cheque can only be paid to that person, either in cash or in his account. However, when you cross the cheque, it can still be endorsed further, but it cannot be encashed, it will only be credited to the account. Finally, if you want only the nominated person to be paid, and only into his account, then cross the cheque as well as cross out 'or bearer'.

Thanks unikorn! That was a great help. I've always been confused about this -- and btw, do you also need to sign BEHIND the cheque?