BANK Alfalah VS Allied BANK..............!

I am going to open a bank account, which bank would be better Bank Alfalah or Allied bank, i need to open a monthly savers account, which bank from the above two would be better..??

some plus features should be that bank should be International friendly( internet debit etc..)

please give a reason for choosing a particular bank!

thank you,

hi, would anyone please advice or suggest..!

Man go for Standard Chartered. I never had any complaints with them

Allied bank had online charges

Bank Alfalah i am not sure

dude i know that i could go to standard chartard but now there is a distance issue, bank alfalah and allied bank are close to my house, maybe later i may open second account in standard chartered.., but for now its BANK ALFALAH VS ALLIED BANK ( for my first account )

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Man go for Standard Chartered. I never had any complaints with them

Allied bank had online charges

Bank Alfalah i am not sure


i second that…

the best bank … standard chartered bank…

I'm also going to suggest Standard chartered but since that isn't an option, Bank Alfalah is better than Allied Bank.

why don't you go for UBL?

thanks @Getafix , i am also thinking that Bank Alfalah would be better than Allied Bank,............

Which would be better from these 3---->Bank Alfalah vs Allied Bank vs UBL......?

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why don’t you go for UBL?

are you kidding me?


UBL Sucks a big time…

I have no experience with Allied bank but used to maintain account with Bank Alfalah from 2003 till 2009 and with each passing year their customer service standards kept on going downwards. In the end their service became so degrading that they wouldn't even listen to me or pick up the phone. I got so much pissed off by this that I switched my account to SCB (my account was business account and it had lots of 6 figure transactions, an ideal for any bank).

So far I have had no such issue with SCB but it's just been one year and Alfalah staff was also very good in the first year.

allied bank is best , i am using my allied bank for almost 4-5 years now till now no major complaint so far online internet banking is best . . it works like a charm with moneybookers , go for it ! :)

main thing to consider is



Mainly online. Its very annoying when some one sends you money and have to pay 3-400 on top of it. Plus, other thing is ID card requirement for online deposit. Few banks require ID Card when you deposit the cash. It feels annoying. I didnot felt giving my ID card so usually avoided banking .

hi @xainnadeem, is allied bank OK..??.....for international money transactions..?? to transfer money from overseas to here in Pakistan...??

^ Allied bank is not even recommended for local banking :) , transfering funds is a headache.

SCB is not your option, but better to go with SCB, it is not as good as it was 2 years back, you may experiance, less counters, long ques etc.

but SCB online banking is great with bigger branch network and its free too.

As per my own experiance see the list below, it may help

Worst Banks

NBP (seems like a govt office)

MCB (Server down, come tomorrow)

ABL (Charges+NIC required too often)

UBL (Complications, auto financing, plastic money)

Better Banks

SCB (Bigger branch network, server always up, less charges)

Atlas (less customers, more facilities)

Best Bank

Not found one

The bank i have found to be the best is Faysal Bank but it has no online that is the biggest negative with it. But other then that, no complaints with any of its dept's.

GO for HBL, Better online transactions via Credit Card, No waiting on helpline. Discount and packages every month ;)

thanks @shafiq...

for SCB what account is best for use ? easy saver ?

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for SCB what account is best for use ? easy saver ?

Saadiq Current Account…

its one of the best one they are offering n i m using it… :)