Hi I ordered a product from banggood and I was shipped on 17 oct but I am still wsiting for it and whenever I track the order it says local mail tracking and in transit anyone having any idea where is my package should I vist gpo or should I be waiting for more?

That's what you get for ordering from a unknown and tacky-named website.

Try contacting their support department and ask your queries to the staff, if that doesn't work then you're most likely screwed ( or rather, bangedgood :P ).

I mailed them and they said I should wait more atleast 2 weeks more also this is my 2nd purchas from them first received within month it costed me 23$ so any chance custom dept is holding the product

asked them if they have a tracking number for the shipment and what service they use to ship the product, then track it via there.

bang good ??

I have the tracking number and whenever I track it says item is in transit

local mail tracking and its been ovet a month item is in transit

Same case here. Will update once I get the package. Many people vouched for this website and I am sure it will be OK

Mailed then again and they said it will update next week and I need to wait atleast 2 weeks more to receive the item.

I received my stuff yesterday. Happy with the quality of products