Bahria Town Karachi Location and Pictures

Here are some images and location map of bahria town karachi project which has created much hype in all real estate sectors of Pakistan and currently booking going on.

Location Map:

Here are Pictures of Bahria Town Karachi Project:







This deuche has posted pics of a wall painted ad to mislead people. Currently, Bahria karachi exists on paper ONLY. Riaz Thekaydar ran from Punjab, and found solace in Sindh/karachi because his concubine is running govt. there. In Bahria Lahore, sectors D, E and F are black listed by LDA as well as TMA after court ordered inquiries. Owners in these areas are joined by victims of bahria orchard and nasheman. Property dealers are perhaps the worst breed in entire country. Someone put it right. As long as there are foolish people around, cunning people shall have plenty of food to eat.