Bad Sector Identification in HDD?

I had this 320GB 2.5" HDD in external USB casing for quite some time (2 years +) and it fell accidentally a week ago while connected to the system, and as a result got damaged. I do not have any data on it so data recovery is not an issue. I still want to use it to copy data from one PC to another, and so, would like to isolate the bad sectors. I have read other related posts and found it can be done by partitioning in such a way to isolate bad sectors. However, first problem is to find bad sectors. I'm using Windows 7 and Chkdsk with /R option won't identify the bad sectors unless data is already stored in those sectors (It just goes past empty/free sectors), and when I try to copy data to HDD, it gets stuck for a long long time when it encounters bad sectors, and I need a quicker way to identify bad sector locations. I remember there used to be such utilities for DOS (Noton Utilities, etc.). Can someone suggest a software which can scan the hard disk surface and mark bad sectors so that I can then repartition the hard disk?

The disk has no problem in connection and identification by OS, and trouble starts after 20-25 GB of data copying.

Try HDD Regenerator

Just started scanning it with HDD Regenerator. Will it display some sort of visual map or some way of identifying where the bad sectors are located, so that I can repartition the HDD accordingly?

IIRC, it used to save a log file in the root directory (or some place, don't really remember). The log contained all the bad sectors encountered.

Just see the help file or visit their website for more info on this.

EDIT: Oh and btw, this program can actually fix the bad sectors. (It really did in my case!). The success rate is about 60-70% though and depends on the type of damage to the HDD.

Thanks a lot! HDD Regenerator served the purpose as it provided all the related statistics I needed to do the job. I'm not really after fixing the bad sectors because there are a lot of sectors around the bad ones, which aren't really marked bad, but u get stuck while reading/writing through them, so I would like to isolate the bad portion altogether.