Babylon A.d?

how is it ??

wht exactly is babylon A.D

As you very well know that this is the section of the forum where we discuss movies (mostly), so it's kinda obvious that it's a movie. As a matter of fact it's a new release, so I am surprised you haven't even heard about it.. No matter.. i know that some people are not that much into movies and stuff. Any ways, I've heard it's crap, got 7% on the tomato meter on Just needed an overview of the plot, a synopsis i.e. from the point of view of a person who has actually watched the movie.

just check on imdb!!

i have seen it,, it is just ok,,,

vin diesel is a mercenary stuck in russia, he is hired to get a girl with special powers to usa,,,no surprises

i give it a grade of c+

i am waiting for "quantum of solace" (due out next month) and keanu reeves, "day the earth stood still"

those r gonna be good movies

just downloaded it n will tell afta seein it though

Meh ... wasnt really that great a movie,ur gonna be scratching ur head till the last few seconds of the movie and then they end it too damn abruptly !

actually don't watch it right now and you will do yourself a favour


it is a 90 minute release in the u.s and a 160 minute release in europe... so if you the latest screener that is out you will talk like tmr^^ ... the movie is bad... you gotta wait for the longer release to show up on the internet as that would make you understand the movie more... i have seen half yet and have stopped after i found out that the movie is a very short version of the real movie

just finished downloading, looks nice movie.

if u actually see it all (the screener) you can comprehend the entire plot easily, But the movie was a waste of time.....expected more from a Vin Diesel flick...

any movie with Vin Diesel in it is awesome. His voice makes the movie. Forget everything else.