B.com and BBA


can someone plz describe what these two are and what kind of career and jobs they offer in the future.

B.COM I can define today's, The Marketing, Banks, Accounting Job you can get If you will Do B.COM. I will also take admission on B.COM as soon. I have done just Enter by Commerce. No IDEA about BBA.

If you want to go into the accounting stream or be a charted accountant or something, then you will need to choose B.Com. and if you are wanting to go into Business Administration and Management stuff, or want to be a business man or enter into HRA department, then u should go for BBA.

BBA is a good choice nowadays, but choose whatever interests you after checking the syllabus and courses.

thnx for your replies....i have one more question....bba+mba or ACCA+MBA

which one gives better career opportunities.

Bcom stands for Bachelor of Commerce and BBA stands for Bachelor of Business Administration.. B.Com and BBA both have their own significance and i think only ACCA is good choice