Azadi Wingle is not connecting, need help

I am using prepaid Azadi Wingle and it is not connecting since Friday. There is no issue with signal strength. Its 30 days cycle is going to expire on March 12. Both Wingle web interface and are showing data consumption of less than 21 GB. When I called their helpline they registered my complaint but they said you have consumed your 30 GB volume, which is not the case. This device is not on my name, I bought it from someone at A week ago a pop up appeared asking for owner information and browsing stopped. When I filled my information as I do not have device owner information, browsing resumed. Is this the reason it has stopped working or they have reduced the data cap to 20 GB. If I transfer Wingle ownership to my name as I have original box and first recharge slip, will this resolve this issue. Can someone guide me what to do to solve this problem.

when you purchased it why didn't you ask the seller about ownership transfer?

He refused it and said everyone is using it like that. i am using it since 2013, this is first time this has happened.

After talking to helpline again, they have told me Wingle Happy Week package have been revised to 20 GB at 1250 Rs. Can anyone who is also using Azadi package confirm this. If this is true I think its time for me to switch to some other ISP.

The "Azadi" device refused to work because we are not a "Azad" nation yet :P

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Visit the OSS with the slip and box they will sort it out …tell them your cousin bought this and he is not in PK …

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I have submitted form for transfer of device ownership to my name at OSS. They have revised their Wingle package page, now there is no 30 GB package. Now there are 20, 35, 50 and 100 GB packages. Here is the link,

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A Nation with no jobs is called Free Nation


i think you mis understood the meaning of "Free" actually its "farigh, sust and nalaik nation" :P

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A Nation with no jobs is called Free Nation

i think you mis understood the meaning of “Free” actually its “farigh, sust and nalaik nation” :P

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sarcasm fail :unsure:



I just talked to PTCL representative via live chat ( service provided by PTCL on their websie). He told me that the limit of Azadi package is the same i.e 30 GB.

Chat started at 20:29 13 Mar 2015
Abdul Salam : I have a question. PTCL has announced new packages for EVO Wingle, what would be the limit of Wingle Azadi/EID package now (which I availed in August 2013.) [An agent will be with you shortly.]

Abdul Salam : PTCL has announced new packages of EVO Wingle. What would be new limit of Azadi/Eid wingle package now?

[You are now chatting with M_Salman.]

M_Salman : Welcome to PTCL Customer Care, how may I help you?

M_Salman : 30 GB is the new limit

Abdul Salam : But there is no new package of 30 GB.

M_Salman : No sir Abdul Salam : I mean there are new packages of 20,35,50 and 100 GB. Which one of these apply to Azadi package.

M_Salman : Sir these are normal package ,, no promotion of the azadi package right now

Abdul Salam : It means Azadi package will have the same limit of 30 GB which I already have, no change in it?

M_Salman : Yes sir

Abdul Salam : OK, thanks a lot for your kind response.

M_Salman : Thank you for contacting PTCL Customer Care, Have a good time [Customer Abdul Salam has left the session]
Chat ended at 20:55 13 Mar 2015

Can you also confirm 30GB limit for Azadi Wingle from their 1218 helpline?

I think rockz is the best person to give the correct information. He always has first hand knowledge regarding PTCL products, packages etc. Whatever information he gives, is always right. Rockz, please share your information regarding new limit of EVO Wingle Azadi package.

M using azadi package n its 30 Rockz can shed more light:)