Avoid of Wateen

Wateen is a highly mismanaged company only investing in advertisements.I got a connection , it did not work as signal was not there in my area in Rawalpindi.I returned it and they said the refund would be made in about 20 days.It took me six months and still they asked me to wait.I contacted their headoffice in Lahore, there were some kind boys who helped me and informed me that unfortunately my claim had not reached them (they finally gor me the money back after about a month.The franchise on Mall road in front of MH is a total fraud, don't even go near them. A number of Wateen users claim that the service gets suspended for months and they are asked to pay for that period too.The franchise would ask you to contact wateen on help line and you would be diallling for hours and wouldn't get the number connected as they are busy getting new customers who are too innocent to get trapped.In Islamabad a customer had a suspended service due to signal abscence and the franchise there asked them to load more money even though there were more than Rs.500 in balance.The user was wise he dropped the idea of using Wateen anymore, the initial money he paid for the outdoor antenna etc was lost .Total loss.I read about the wateen's bad service on the net but as their prices were the lowest and came within my reach I decided to take risk.And I WAS WRONG and people on the websites like this one were correct.

yeah dude .i my self thinking to move to ptcl dsl.....student package....wateen is not alowiing me to forword port

Yes wateen cannot solve real simple problems either. They have totally incompetent upper management and no support staff that a problem can be escalated to - except the totally clueless (but they make an effort) wateen helpline folks.

They wait on cheques for months - if they say they will return some money, it means you won't get it for months.

If they say the service will be restored "soon", it means it can take months.

It took them MONTHS to resolve the "one nation under one IP" issue - that is they had ALL of pakistani wateen users under one IP !!

This led to users being blocked from websites. Took them months to resolve this.

And so on over the years they have done business in Pakistan.

Right now with their "MAC binding" process they have lost port forwarding ability, and have voice issues.