Availability of PS3 games in Karachi

Hello guys!

The RROD has scared the hell out of me specially after going through the following post


The sheer number of people having RROD is scary enough to make me run away from XBOX 360 (I was never an MS fan anyway). So I have decided to buy me a PS3 and I wanted to ask about the availability of PS3 games. Are they readily available or do you have to wait like a year or two to get your hands on the latest sizzlers. I am looking forward to playing Resident Evil 5 as soon as it get launched (March 13, 2009) so how long would I have to wait to see latest games in local market (KARACHI)? Also, where can I find latest games for PS3 in Karachi?

Yea games for the PS3 are pretty easily avaliable.I got 2 games from delawala centre (prices vary for different games MGS:4 was 4600 last i checked whereas Oblivion:Elder scrolls was way cheaper)...shops at delawala, the sony shop in zamzama, park towers, and even dolmen mall carry ps3 games.

4600Rs.. too rich for my blood or rather too much sweetness for me to digest, gonna hibernate till the pirates rule the Ps3 games ;) also i hear it is no longer backward compatiable i.e won't play Ps2 games :(