Automatic water suction by donkey pump

Assalam o Alaikum

is it possible to automate water suction by donkey pump. i.e pump will only start when water is present in line and automatically stop when tank becomes full.


Muhammad Imran

Yes, Very much so.

However it would need some knowledge of electronics and electrical power,


That is a difficult this but if you just need to start and stop the pump with water tank this is possible with a simple thermostat :-)

An electric float switch in your main tank, triggering a signal for the pump when the tank is not full. The water level in the tank, at which you want the pump to start, can be adjusted with the float switch.

The signal from the electric float switch above should pass through another electric float switch or a sensor before going to the pump.

Either you should buy some kind of sensor which would sense water in the line.

OR buy a small fiber tank and place it on the ground floor. The water line fills this fiber tank through a float valve(Fiber tank full, valve stops water entering fiber tank).
Install an electric float switch in this fiber tank. And wire it so that when the fiber tank is up to the full level, it lets the signal(from the main tank electric float switch) pass to the pump and let it start.

But if the fiber tank is empty, the electric float switch does not let the pump start.

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The water line fills this fiber tank through a float valve(Fiber tank full, valve stops water entering fiber tank).


I am not sure whether you understand that donkey pumps are positive displacement machines. A float valve choking the output of the donkey pump will increase pressure to the point of bursting or alternatively stalling the drive motor.


I have assumed the "water line" to be water pipe coming inside the home from the society's / wasa's main line.

The pump will take its "input" from the fiber tank and "out" to the main tank. Main tank will be the over head tank of the house.

The water from society or wasa will fill the fiber tank via float valve.
The pump will take water from the fiber tank and fill the overhead tank with the help of electric float switches.


You can place both float valve and float switch in fiber tank.

For donky pump safty one can use pressure switch(if needed, cause its positive displacement type)

You cant have it all, but you can use a float switch + a timer circuit , that allows the pump to turn on whenever the water level in the tank rises to the maximum level, Or when the timer goes out whatever it is that is in your tank you get to keep it and the pump automatically turns off if the tank is not filled up in set amount of time.