Auto sizing Flash in VB6

Dear All,

I am stuck with this thing since many days. I want to resize the swflash control according to the size of the swf file loaded (just like picture control behaves after enabling autosize property) but no luck. I tried parsing swf header and getting height and width from RECT structure and it works great but there are some swf files whose dimensions are returned falsly by this method.

Any one knows how to autosize swflash control? thanks in advance


Some SWF files are compressed, and hence will return false on parsing headers. You will need to decompress them first. There are programs that decompress any SWF dropped onto them. You may search for such a program on google.

Thanks dear, but how can I know if a swf is compressed or not? I think its size should be small... like the file giving wrong info is of size 158Kb while the correct one is more than 1 MB.
But point is that these files are working on other cable channel players which people are using. I am also developing a cable player software which will have simple upload interface for swf and client will not be going through lots of fuss for first decompressing swf...

Any idea???