Authentication issue! really!

i have been using ptcl double up unlimited package since august and untill november i had no issues...but for the last 20 days or so i have been unable to log into my dsl connection properly...i have AN1020-16T and my internet lite remains RED

the issue is very bizarre as some how it seems that either my device or something at the exchange is bloccking my authentication...1218 and the guys at the exchange have repeatedly made me change (add/edit/remove) some connection in advanced tab of router...m posting the pic

but this doesnt solve the issue and still m unable to use internet, the exchange's dsl guy says there is probably some port issue as may b the ports need to be changed or refreshed.

the odd thing here is tht the net starts working after 10:30pm daily...also some times in the day the net starts working if i let my modem stay on for long hours...this leads me to think if my net is being hacked??? dont know if its even possible or not....

another odd thing is tht if the nets working and the lite goes off on load shedding hours then on restarting the pc the net wont come back... so can this be my device issue?

i am so confused rite now really thinking of giving up ptcl dsl..though i loved my 4mb connection....firecruz or anyother person more informed then the idiots at the exchange pleas help me out ... and also suggest should i borrow someone's modem and try connecting with my id?

It's a authentication issue just we had a few weeks back check the forums for more.

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It’s a authentication issue just we had a few weeks back check the forums for more.

i tried searching the forums, dint quite find the thread you referred to, mind pointing me to the rite thread?