Audio solution: 7.1 speakers required

i had 2.1 edifier n since now i have a 7.1 audio so i m looki for some cool 7.1 audio system ... any advice!!! ali or hassan especially :)

i dunno what you mean by 'now i have a 7.1 audio', but i guess you mean you've got a 7.1 sound card or onboard sound chip and you want 7.1 audio speakers.

I'd suggest you go for Creative, as they are the best brand. althou i'd suggest you highly take care of its power-adapters, caz my 4.1 sound system's adapter got busted within the 1st month, due to varying voltages (thanks to wapda) and then i couldnt' find a new one in the market, so i got it rewinded which worked only for a wekk and now its busted again and gone for rewinding again :-/

but creative's sound is the d best.