Audio Interface

As I read many articles online about Home Studio, I came to know that the three basic things are necessary:

1. Microphone

2. Audio Interface

3. Software

I've searched microphones already and now I'm looking for an audio interface, suitable for a home studio. I have two options:

a. Mbox Mini2 (

b. Fast Track (

unfortunately, I couldn't find any of them. Is there any good market or shop deals with audio interface?

(thanks in advance)

What is your budget? There are better interfaces than the one's you have chosen. You probably won't be able to find any local shops that have them. I'll tell you a website from which you can order & they deliver to pakistan, i've ordered a lot of stuff from them over the years.

Just tell me your max budget & what kind of recording do you intend to do exactly? If you need to record more than one thing at a time etc. Also mention if you would prefer a USB or Firewire interface. Firewire has the advantage of being bus powered (you won't need an external AC adaptor with it) & slightly faster.

My budget is not much high... just around 20K. I know, Firewire interface is better than USB interface but as I know, it's more expensive too. I'm not going to build a high class studio... just a small home studio, mostly will be used for vocal recording only.

The reason that I'm preferring above mentioned interfaces is that both of them have a "Pro Tool" (Audio Recording Software)'s CD in their bundle package.... otherwise, I'll have to purchase that software... and it means, more money :P

That means your budget is around $200 which is good enough i think. Pro Tools isn't the only recording software out there, although it is quite widely used.

You could also buy an interface that comes bundled with Steinberg Cubase AI 5:

Steinberg CI2:

This will have better preamps (means better recording quality) than the interfaces you mentioned. However if you already have some experience with Pro Tools & want to stick to it you won't have many choices, as Protools only works with certain hardware. Whereas Cubase will work with virtually any hardware/software plugins.

You can order from, they ship to pakistan. When you're checking out your order enter 'Forum' in the place marked 'Enter Redeem Code', this will give you a 10% discount on the price. So it'll cost you $179, so with shipping it should come under your budget of 20k.

No, I don't have any experience with Pro Tools at all. actually I'm new in this field. my information is mostly limited as I read just That's why, I'm writing here. Thank you for your guidance... I'm still searching and reading :)

how's your experience with how much they charge for shipment in Pakistan?