Attn;ptcl dsl user

please check out your july's speed test results as something smell fishy on ptcl side. unjustified 450% rise in normal internet rates imply that your bandwidth is going to be suffered,superficially ptcl pretends the prices to be on previous level.

ptcl is becomming linkdotnet.

What is this 450% rise in internet rates you are talking about? Source?

wth the hell u r tlkin abt???? no rise in rate...

I think the 450% price rise for leasing has been posted in PTCL DSL topic. It will not effect PTCL DSL users, it will just effect other ISPs. I assume this increase as a way to kill competition for PTCL DSL but this was done illegally, they did not inform PTA about it so no PTA permission and Ministry of IT is against it too as per the news article. Association of ISPs in Pakistan also plan to go to court if PTCL implements it.

OK, this is just posted by Adil in PTCL DSL topic. Thanks Adil!


PTCL has taken back the said notification. It means the ridiculous price rise in leased lines for ISPs is not going to happen, which means the competition remains. :D

This even created confusion at my home, my father asked me to disconnect coz now the 1MB line would cost 9000. I asked him the source and he showed me this cartoon in jang where a punch had come out of the monitor and hit the guy using his computer with the caption "PTCL nay apne internet rates may 450% izafa kar diya"

Something similar

the increase has been canceled