Attestation from HEC

I want to attest my Bachelors degree (Punjab University) from HEC. If anyone can tell me if i can attest it from Lahore or i have to fedex it or i have to go to Islamabad by myself for attestation. Can you please guide me that if i go to Islamabad it will be attested in one day or i have to come again after some days to collet it.

You usually have to go to the Islamabad HEC office to get it attested. But they usually ask for attestation/verification from your university first which means you will have to get it attested from your university first. This will be the part that can take much time depending on your university. Next you will have to get it attested from HEC Islamabad. I'm not sure if you can fedex it, but if you decide to get it done in person, it usually takes 2 hours or so.