Attention Spammer!

Ok guys, whoever this kid is, is back. It's 12:34 in the morning, i have already banned him, but he's going to keep making new IDs and coming back through proxies, and i'm not up for this #$%# right now. KO will have to take necessary steps to curb this. Please be patient and there is no need to indulge and respond to his crap.

I'll handle it don't worry about it! Its afternoon here. This guy is so pathetic.

Note to forum members: The pathetic dweeb (hereon called the spammer) seems to have a lot of free time on his hands. What he doesn't seem to realize is that there are 4 of us, and one of him, and where it'd probably take him 50-100 clicks to make each set of spam posts, it takes any one of the admins just two clicks to delete ALL his posts in one go! Yes, his stupidity is saddening. Maybe he should learn some economics, calculate his marginal rate of return for spammer excitement, and just give up.

In the meantime, if you want to use the forum and you see his posts just turn off images in your browser. That'll effectively render his spam useless! Just go on with your usual forum activity and ignore the moron. No need to report him since whenever any of the mods are online they'd obviously see it.

To the retard, i.e. the spammer: We're actually starting to enjoy this now! BRING IT ON SUCKA!!!! :P

To the spammer.. seriously it's just a matter of two clicks or merely 3 seconds, is how long it takes for us to take care of you.

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