Attention Mods, WP not opening on LinkDotNet

Please look into this:

Uploaded with

I called LDN number of times bot now they reply that its problem at websites end.

Now sending this post using tor browser.

The Issue is not with the ISPs its with this website it's for sure. It is to be mentioned that this is the 3rd Time people are posting this complaint regarding WP not opening on a specific ISP.

The ISPs are not responsible for that (atleast when 3Peopleiface this issue). Suppositely there might be some server issues with Asad's Web Host.

The error message clearly states "the name server was unable to process this query".

Which means the DNS server that LDN uses (with it's proxy) is acting up.

What if you tried changing the DNS server on your end - does that help? From what I gather, these proxy sites only kick in once you type an IP address - so if YOUR DNS server gives you an IP (as opposed to you asking LDN to give you an IP) for the website, then it might work?

In short, try using (I hear it's also got good latency on TW1 networks - MUCH better than it does on PTCL's)

yeh changed it to to open dns. Also used LDN DNS but problem persists.

I am having exact same problem both at work and home, I have LDN at both places. This does not happen if I switch my ISP using another DSL at work. This is sure a problem of LDN otherwise more members would have pointed it out.

These days this problem is so severe that I am practically unable to use WP on LDN.

No DNS works when you are on LDN, I have sent several emails but diddidn't even got any reply.

Email correspondence is not that good after when DJNOMI left the LDN. At that time customer support was very good.

Anyways downloading is still remarkable. Look how much I have downloaded. Its always 110KB/s+ speed on 1MB.


Problem persists.

Any solution?

The only solution seems to switch the ISP. The LDN has one more serious problem, you can not configure your emails in outlook. The outgoing servers at LDN don't work.

Helpline is pathetic, you have to wait minimum 8-10 minutes before you can reach the CSR. I think this is their SOP, I was never able to reach any CSR before a 10 minutes wait.