Attention General Public!

Here's the link to PEMRA announcement:

All cable operators are NOT allowed to show any other content except Pakistani on their in house(private/cd channels). But we can see all in house channels are showing Indian Films and songs. Even WC showing it.Indian Channels are also being shown by hiding their channel logo by some other self created logo.

Thanks for your info and well as for your guideline...

Is this only for people guidance or you want them to do something?? like complain or stuff??

What do you really want to lighten on?

I for one, would like to complain.

They record the Indian drama's and then they play it on the next day.Its a shame really

Looking at above intimation by pemra as directed by supreme court it seems that finally it would end this piracy crap and rights issue. For years cable operators are running channels specially indian who don't have any right to be rebroadcasted to our general public. When we had only three ptv channels and few private channels it was a big problem for cable operators to provide entertainment and fetch customers or even retain them. Above mentioned list of legal Pakistani channels is about 70 above and its an appropriate number to be filled by cable operators without providing any illegal channel but its so sad to see that it dosen't have any balance and no entertainment at all. I think we have more news channels than the whole world have. We have only one sports channel of our own which we all know where it stands. No english entertainment yet from our channels. If we compare our neighbor we can see that there is a huge gap to be filled which i feel sorry that it will never be filled with pemra corrupt body. It dosen't seem to have any control on media. They give licences to anyone without asking that what they are going to do with their channel or what gonna offer to public. Sooooooooo many news channels seriously its insane. Bottomline is that pemra is corrupt and they are a money making machine, they do not care about people or they do not show any concern what should be provided to us as a matter of allround entertainment. Rather they allow cable operators to give illegal channels and make money out of it and whenever they are pressed by foreign bodies to eliminate piracy they temporarily shut down channels and eventually things are back to normal. But this time supreme court has taken a strong initiative to eliminate this piracy stuff forever and what i think that its possible that we might not be seeing those banned channels again. Its just my opininion based on my observations throughout these years and i wanted to share with everybody here.

you can't exits indian tv culture from your country whatever you can do coz its goes really deep in down before releasing indian movie in india your cable operator played it first and even your country owned tv channels playing indian contents and news channels plays indian songs background music for politicians videos , wedding schools parties whether about to celebrations indian songs always at back