Atleast Pakistanis are not in the Video Game list of Villains

Here is a infographic I found over the internet which tells the countries where the most bad villains of Video Games are found to be playing.

Most shockingly Afghanistan is ON the list. Unsurprisingly India is ON the list as well. Good to hear Pakistanis are NOT.

And if you're from Canada, New Zealand or Australia? Congratulations. You're one of the good guys!

I know they covered half of Pakistan with the red Indian dots, I guess the map makers really sucked at geography :D

Source of discovery: Gizmodo

LOL that's cause we are not 'kids play'....for the video game playing kids :D

Plus we already covering Hollywood.


Now I am definitely gonna buy MAG

Man who plays Delta force black hawk down now?

And wtf is MAG?

Well i find this post to be racist, only yellow people get to be good guys!

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only yellow people get to be good guys!

I guess thats good news for Kashmiris and Pathans :P

Cool. I knew that Ppl here are pretty peaceful.

That's because all these countries have a criminal Army :) They have done horrible things in the past. In my country only a few people in Army are corrupt!

They forgot Hitman 2: Silent Assassin, where Agent-47 have to eliminate Sikh Cult leader inside a Gurdwara in India :)