Atlas 'Hybrid' Battery?

Atlas, makers of AGS batteries have come out with their
new Hybrid battery. My sealed car battery (Hankook) was
a disastrous experience. Failed in 3 weeks. Then limped
on for another 6 months (had to jump the car each morning).

Now I want a non-PITA battery.

What do you guys think of this new Hybrid ?. Worth a try ?.
Some people say it’s only for Hybrid cars. Is that true ?.

Sheikh ‘Discharged’ Chilli

The term Hybrid Battery is confusing here. This is a standard 12V battery used to power up the computers of a hybrid car.

I had a Toyota Prius whose main hybrid battery had to be changed. It was a huge size, multi cell (probably 28) and about 200V.

Later it’s 12V battery died which was originally a YUASA 12V 35AH (probably). I changed it a Hankook sealed battery, working good so far since past 3 months. I think you had got some old stock of Hankook. When I bought this Hankook, I took the Load Tester from the same battery shop, tested 03 batteries on load and believe me, two of those were showing bad.

Provided you get a fresh battery, a Hankook should be way better than any local battery.

After changing the 12V battery, my CD player stopped working and asking for some SD card .I had to get it fixed from a audio shop for Rs. 500

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@Ijaz_Ahmed Thanks for the info.

According to the shop next to the one where I got the Hankook, “Yea Tou Hankook khuD banaTey haiN aur ooper sticker laga ker bech rahey haiN. China kee battery Tou waisey bhee total fail hai saab”.

The Hankook was about Rs. 1000/- more expensive than a similar AGS I used to get before it. I think you’re right about it being a lemon though. Most people are wary of this sealed technology and also looking for the cheap fix. So these batteries may well have been siting on those shelves for some time,

This is the Atlas Hybrid commercial, explaining their technology:

I am torn now. Should I try another of their baasi Hankook, or this Hybrid thingie ?. Will try to see how the Hankook responds under load of their tester first.

Thanks again @Ijaz_Ahmed.

Sheikh ‘kook’ Chilli

Which car are you planning to use this in? If it is a relatively recent globally sold model, try searching for its manual (for US/UK markets) to see which dry battery it uses. Then use similar GEL/AGM battery instead of this hybrid battery gimmick and make sure it is from recent lot from some shop/distributor who is a direct importer.

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So I ended up getting the same Hankook sealed battery, in return for the lemon. They checked it off the shelf and it stayed in the green zone, under load.

So far so good.

Let’s see how long this one lasts.

Sheikh ‘Fingers Crossed’ Chilli

Hopefully this one will not disappoint you.

All the best.

@Ijaz_Ahmed Thanks. I would’ve gone with the Hybrid one,
but I took your advice and I think it is a wise decision. :+1:

Also, took the trouble of cleaning, scrubbing & buffing
the copper battery wire ends and replacing the terminals.

I would usually put a film of grease on the terminals, and
over time it had turned into a black tar film. That could
not be a good thing, for electrical connections.

Sheikh ‘UmeeD Bakhair’ Chilli