At Karachi University's "Silver Jubilee Gate"

Although the name sounds very decent to know that it must be the gateway that provides all the information and resources, support the student and help resolve their queries. I also had this concept before I ever went there but it was very surprising to see that the Silver Jubilee Gate had a Thick Chain and Huge Lock enabled. One has to jump the adjacent wall and get to the crystal maze. I have been a part of very loooooong queues, with huge push and shoves.

It has been lucky to get the correct info in the first go from any of the working staff there. So is there anybody else whos has been a part of the same stampede and whats the real aura of University's this Silver Jubilee Gate..??

eeEE.. seems like nobody has ever had a glimpse of it.. :-p

Yeah it has always been like that. Even four years ago when I applied for Karachi University. The aura is that of confusion and mayhem, if you haven't contacted a pro (someone who has been through the process) previously, you're going to have a hard time getting things done. You may even end up making a couple of rounds because each time somebody tells you to bring some document you didn't even know was required! I say go with the flow, I'd ask other students for directions or instructions. The officers up front are either too busy with chewing 'paan' or are just plain rude.

Yeah, that's KU for you. I can't say it's any different from any other Government institution or office.

^ Ask students? lol Are you sure that's a good idea? They'd tell you even more imaginative things than the employees. Yeah, if you know some student already you can ask them, from just any one in the Uni, may end up getting fooled.

^ I never got fooled by anyone. 'Most' students are kind (and intelligent) enough to guide you in the correct direction else in the end you can always ask God for help. :)