Asus p5kpl-am or p5qpl-am need urgent suggestions

I have to purchase a new board for my q9400, right now i can not afford an expensive board. so i am purchasing. the above mentioned board I found cheepest from asus family. the only difference between the two is the chipset p5kpl am is with g31 chipset and the other is g41, both have 2 slots for ram. as 4gb ram is not available in market so practically both can support 4 GB maximum. I already have 2GB ddr2 ram so cannot buy a ddr3 board. I have a 8600GT so the built in GPU doesn't make any difference. the price for both is mentioned below:

p5kpl-am_________ 4500 RS

p5qpl-am_________5500 Rs

now suggest me quickly which should i buy or do i have any other option as I am buying asus for the first time. I have to purchase board tomorrow. so please reply me as urgent as possible.

i think QPL supports ddr-3 and its better!!!

dude i m sellin p5kpl cm warranty of 3 years n its in good quality if u need let me know

@mazahyr: nops both of them are ddr2.

@chocolate: I have to buy the board today, and i am in Islamabad anyhow send my your demand at zero three two one five zero eight eight five eight four.

buy QPL coz it is latest and will give u better support regarding drivers as KPL is old now.

KPL is good as well but G31 is old. G41 is better.

the advantage of using g41 is having support for 8 GB ram, but this board has only 2 slots so practically i can not use more then 4 GB. so i think there is no other major difference between two chipset. so i have bought a KPL-AM :D