Asus Mobo Required!

any one willing to sell his Asus mobo in AM2 Socket :| if yes then kindly p.m me details its urgent.



am2 socket motherboards are new and you will have a hard time finding anyone to sell you one.

however on the second floor in regal trade computer market there is a shop which ususally have the latest amd motherboards for sale slightly used and with guarantee>>slightly used offcourse>>also opposite sasi arcade 2nd floor, computer market i saw some amd boards for sale >>

tats good! where on earth is tht shop any contact wd b highly appreciated!

i'm sure not in isb/rwp :(

Buy a new one from

you can get a reasonable priced motherboard starting 3500 to 4000 AM2 socket mobo from

thy're not that good mobos :( i was looking for one like M3A32 MVP Deluxe

so any idea or contact of dealers?

Taurus_G4>>ohh u are in rwp>>order one online go here

I appreciate your helps but look at galaxy they have only 2 mobos M2-CROSSHAIR NFORCE 590 SLI with an outdated Price! and a cheap M2N-VM :(

i mean is that all for amd?

for c2d they got more then 10 mobos..

unfair : ( ine?

the mobo u mention is actually a am2+ socket mobo.

the problem is that not many people here are buying or planning to buy the thing called 'phenom'.

unless the cpu starts to sell no one's gonna import the mobo unless idl does it on its own.

also several mobo's have issues not being able to shut off tlb fix which puts performance down even if u use a b3 rev phenom. this problem is rampant with the amd 780g chipset based mobos

if u're really looking for a am2+ mobo u'll probably have to wait esp. if u want a used one!

edit: diff between am2 and am2+

1. Different power planes for nb + cpu, allowing better oc'ing

2. HT 3.0 (i think; i havent followed amd chipset developemnet for sometime)

3. better oc'ing due to #1.