Asus m2a-mx + amd 5200+ x2 dual core for sale

i bought this mobo + pro a month and a half ago..and i want to sell it with box with all accesories

asus m2a mx

radeon 1200 onboard

amd chipset 690v chipset

pci expess+raid onboard

(date bought 22-07-08) 3 year full waranty

amd 5200+ x2 dual core (bought the same month)

ideal 3 year full warranty

reason for selling :upgrading to quad core

bidding open

make me an offer

iam in karachi

pls try not to make colorul comments, thank you

u can also send me email at

post your demand.........

i m interested in DDr2 if u have any

7500 for both processor and motherboard

if interested call me at 03212044768

i am in karachi

i have an MSI K8N neo4 platinum with AMD 3800+ X2

"either exchange possible with some amount"

kashif99048>>i have no ddr 2 at the moment.

kanidefurqan>>i have already sent u email


I must sell within 2 days...i need the money (have to upgrade)

both mobo + pro cost me at least 12 thousand

any more bidders??

mobo and pro sold, thank you all for bidding

pls close thread...