AstroEmpires - A browser based Space Strategy MMOG

This is one of a kind game. There are no graphics (Well, there are just pictures of Galaxies and planets :) ), it is mainly text based game, which is played online with other members.

The main objective is to make Bases (On Moons, Planets or Asteroids), and then make Fleets, Defences and Structures on them. You can also join different groups of members called "Guild" depending in which galaxy you are located. After which you will have to work as a team, and you will be protected from many other guilds (who have Pacts with your Guild) and will be attacked in case of War etc.

I don't know what else to say in introduction, as its an extremely complicated game, and telling everything about it in introduction is not feasible.

If anyone starts playing it, and is seriously interested, then I'll be more than happy to answer anything on this topic. (I have been playing for 63 days now)

There are 5 servers, Epsilon being the latest one with most new players (And Galaxies E780-89 best for new members) You can also start in Alpha, as in that server players are 2 years old and way high level, so they don't bother with new players much. But I will suggest Epsilon as it is more fun.

Guide for beginners:

Getting started guide with screenshots

How to build 10 bases in 7 days