Assassin's Creed IV System Requirements

Will Assassin's Creed IV : Black Flag run on my pc i have check from other sites that my processor and ram are okay the only problem i have is graphic card so can anyone of you tell me that if i do some settings(Lowering Graphics) will i be able to play AC IV BTW i can play AC III on low settings.

You have an Intel GPU right?

AC:IV will most likely run on your PC........ at low-res/low-settings and at low framerates.

If you seriously care about gaming at all then consider buying a discrete mid-end+ GPU.

It worked like a charm on my system.

Upsilon Okay Thanks for your reply can you tell me a good mid-end GPU in range of 4k-6k between this or lower than this if there is any.So i'll be available to play the game on my PC it sounds good Fahad Ahmed Khan On which settings it works the best?

A few days ago you were asking about

So if you have enough money to spend on a weak and outdated console, then how come you only have 4-6k to spend on a decent GPU for your PC? :rolleyes:

In any case, for around 6k you'll be able to buy a used ATI HD5750 which will let you play these games at medium settings.

Upsilon Yes i said that i will buy a xbox or ps3 and i will buy one of them i was just thinking to upgrade my GPU but i don't have enough money left to buy both Xbox or PS3 and also buy a good GPU so that's why i said that tell me a good GPU in range of 4-6k,I went to shop to buy a GPU they showed me a Nvidia GPU it was of 7K i haven't checked it yet and also i didn't asked them for further specs but i think it was good one i'll look at it and then decide can you give me the link of a good GPU Monitor?


a NEW Gpu in 7k wont be any good.. a decent gpu should be around 7+k in USED for good performance..


Hmm...I'll buy a used one thanks.

BTW, i sent you a PM last night. Read it, it may be useful to you.