Well i did my bachelors in CS in 2006 and after that i worked as web developer and designer for approx 2 years through Classic ASP 3.0 and little bit of PHP 5.0. For doing my MBA (finance) i had to leave my job and CS for 2 years so i could do mba with full concentration.

Now i wanna continue with the programming thingy from and/or PHP for a job in CS if i dont get one through MBA and plus i like to do programming .

So can u please recommend me from which version of visual studio .net, i should learn and start programming which is also used in pakistani market nowadays?

plus i also wanna ask is PHP or used in I.T. market nowadays?


I assume most people are still using VS2008, (though they will probably be looking to switch to VS2010) - the version of VS shouldn't make much difference if you are just looking to learn; for that you should just get any beginner level ASP .NET book.

Both PHP and ASP .NET are very popular technologies so you will find plenty of places that use them.

PHP and .Net are still widely used. I would suggest, you try to learn C#, and some javascript framework/library like YUI, or DOJO

thanks for your replied but since can also be programmed through so can i also use it before c sharp?

AFAIK .Net is language neutral. You can program in, C#, Java something or the other and even delphi and generate .net runtimes. .Net is microsoft's answer to java (the sun kind). Its like a virtual machine but only for windows. You can use any language you like.

Personally I prefer PHP for what little coding I do. Most open source scripts are coded in PHP and its useful to know that language so that I can make modifications to suit my needs.

IMO you should go with C#, its the more popular language as far as .NET is concerned.

cool thanks for your replies !! .. so it would be ok if i go with visual studio .net 2008 and SQL server 2008 for persuing a job? or should i go for .net 2010?

work with 2k8 version for now. Its stable and you need loads of practice.

Also focus on programming more and designing less. All IT firms have designers with them, so dont waste your time designing.

Although people are switching from VS2008 to VS2010, it is not much of a difference in terms of learning. You can find the same in any ASP.NET book available everywhere.

I hear that VS2010 is even more slow and bloated compared to VS2008

ya me too hear about it

VS2010 is good , the multiple monitor support is awesome , using it now .

PHP is just for Web ,

if you go with ASP.Net you can also get Winforms / WPF.

i m a programmer of C# dont know much about but listend that its does not have some advance futures of .NET

go for vs2008 and ms sql2005 i recommend u buying Beginning 3.5 by WROX its very usefull and also have tutorials as how to set up everything and have information regarding programming databases if you need any help feel free to ask