Artificial Hike Of HD Prices In Pakistan?

I had been meaning to buy a large sized Hard Drive,

in the 1.5TB to 2.0TB range, but then the Tsunami hit

Thailand and the prices shot through the roof. So, I

thought OK, we'll wait awhile.

A year later, Galaxy is selling 1TB WD for 11000,

when at Best Buy it's priced at $61.24. Galaxy buys

its HDs in open bulk from China (their own claim). I

am sure they could sell 'em for even less than that

and still make a handsome profit.

Does anybody know when HD prices in Pakistan will

come back to 'normal', worldwide prices, if ever ?.

Sheikh 'Taalib' Chilli

^ Price once up, seldom goes down. :mellow:

high prices of HD are only in Pakistan?

@Asad That sure seems to be true, for Pakistan.

It may be that folks like Galaxy, are sitting on stock

bought at higher prices and until they get rid of it,

they aren't in a mood to sell at current prices. But I

doubt it's as simple as that. Knowing them, they'll

probably try to ride out this gravy train excuse, as

long as customers here are willing to humor them.

I just might have to ask somebody on the outside,

to get me one. It's all a PITA, that's all.

Sheikh 'Cartel' Chilli

Well, easiest way is to bring up this issue on all popular Pakistani technology/computer forums. Galaxy guys do keep an eye on the online forums so maybe maybe they will get shamed into lowering prices. :unsure:


"best buy" is probably having a going out of business sale (cause they are going out of business) (1)....the rest of the websites report an average of 100 usd

for 1 tb hard drive's ....if you know somebody who can get the drive for you....then I suggest you go for it.

Even when the hard drive supply will get to the pre-flood level worldwide...they will remain high so that the manufacturers can recover some of the price cutting

that began in 2009. (2).

So the price of hard drives are going to remain high for quite some time.

If you want to go for a local dealer then there is a Seagate 1 tb hard drive available at rs. 9600 from



(2) http://www.maximumpc...stflood_premium

@Asad ever the optimist hmm ?. Sharam left the building

long time ago. Bad publicity might invite some smaller player

to offer low prices (czone ?) and capture a sweet chunk of

the market, before Galaxy wakes up.

@jack Thanks for the articles. Very interesting reads. The

one about the Best Buy, it may just be wishful thinking on

Larry's part. We'll just have to wait and see. :)

Aside from Best Buy, is selling HD at pre-flood

prices at Galaxy. 1TB for $89 and 1.5TB for $117, both are

64MB cache disks. Galaxy is selling the 1TB at $120 same

one which I purchased from it for exactly $89 , pre-flood.

Meh, the idea at IDC is not bad. Just wait, not buy. Let them

build their inventories. And when they are backed-up, they

will have no other option, but to bring prices down to afford-

able levels.

Sheikh 'Patience! My Dear Watson...' Chilli

The prices are high worldwide and they'll not come down till Q3/Q4 (maybe even next year). Copy the HDD model serial numbers on galaxy and compare em with the prices on newegg/amazon. They are only Rs. 500-1500 higher which is about right (you can probably find it for a lil cheaper in the market).

The difference in price is exactly double, for a WD Caviar

Green 1TB 64MB cache. Galaxy selling it for Rs. 11,000/-

and abroad it's Rs. 5,612/-.

If you take into account the shipping costs from SE Asia

where they are manufactured, to US versus compared

with Pakistan, local vendors here are getting away with

bloody murder.

Sheikh 'Witness To A Crime' Chilli

Different model numbers! These are the drives that are listed on galaxy (11k on galaxy) (13k on galaxy)

If I'm remembering correctly, 2TB HDDs (both Seagate and WD) were less than Rs. 10,000 in early November.

Except for the WD Caviar Black (13K), Galaxy is selling the

older, slower version of SATA II, the EARS which is 3GBps.

The newer models are SATA III, 6GBps and labelled EARX.

Right now, Amazon is selling the 2TB WD EARX Caviar Green

for $120, which is ~ Rs. 11,000/-. The same price which Galaxy

is charging for the older, slower 1TB drive. :(

They are slashing prices of hard drives by 40% at amazon.

Maybe, some of that attitude will trickle down over here.

Sheikh 'Ummeed Sey Hai' Chilli

The sellers here in PK don't need a stock bought at high prices to sell things at high prices, they just need an excuse (which in HDD's case, the flooding gave em one with international backing) to raise prices and its the case with every other item which requires only a hike in fuel charges and you get an insanely ridicules price hike in all sorts of items which never comes down even id govt reduces fuel prices by 2 or 3 Rs. I don't think prices in PK will come down to as they were before the flooding regardless of if the international prices are slashed. Perhaps a 500 to 1000Rs cut in the name 'price reduction' in 10 or 12 months with the sentence "sir jee HDD dobara sasti ho gae hain".

If you have an option of getting em from abroad... then you should because 1) better quality 2) latest product 3) lower prices

Bellies of PK seller are like black holes which sucks everything but never gets filled.


Why don't you go for a 2 TB Seagate Barracuda ST2000DM001 or Western Digital Caviar Black WD2002FAEX (both 64MB cache, 6Gb/s). On Amazon, both are priced at $120 and at Beliscity available for 15k PKR. Not much of a difference here.. you may be able to get them even more cheaper in local market of Karachi. Not that bad of a deal?


Hey! nice to see you on here. Hmm, thing is, I got a WD

Caviar Green 1TB an year ago. I have been tracking

it's temp profile and true to it's claim, that thing runs

about 10C cooler and quieter than my other SATAs.

So now, for large storage HDs I am a little partial to the

Green drives.

I checked with Galaxy. They are out-of-stock for 2TB

WD drives anyway. Will try to arrange somebody to

bring it from abroad. It's just frustrating why we can't

get honest pricing down here.

Sheikh 'Hak-Ha' Chilli

price of HDD is still high in international and kindly just check the value of your money and also check the yen price ...........