Are you in favor of image filtering on Wikipedia?

For those of you who are proponents of image filtering on Wikipedia, this is a good opportunity if you are an active Wikipedia user:

Basically, this is a referendum regarding implementation of an image filtering system on Wiki* sites.

Some time back, there were protests over Wikipedia allowing controversial Danish cartoons to be displayed on the page relating to Muhammad (PBUH). These protests were, for the most part, negative in nature. This referendum is a positive method of protest for those so inclined.

Of course, you have to be a Wikipedia editor/member to be eligible to vote.

Since this is an optional feature, and will not affect other users. I'm in favor of it, as it will allow more freedom & customizability to some users.

So long as it's optional, I think it's a good feature. People who want the filtered version can have the filtered version, and stop pelting others with rumors and petition requests, etc.