Are these stats Good?

I am have great problems with Internet speed and disconnection issues although DSL line is stable.

I use 4MB connection on ONU Line. Check if stats are fine,

Modem Status

Connection Status Connected

Us Rate (Kbps) 1024

Ds Rate (Kbps) 8128

US Margin 8

DS Margin 14

Trained Modulation ADSL_G.dmt

LOS Errors 0

DS Line Attenuation 6

US Line Attenuation 4

Peak Cell Rate 2415 cells per sec

CRC Rx Fast 0

CRC Tx Fast 1

CRC Rx Interleaved 0

CRC Tx Interleaved 0

Path Mode Fast Path

try to replace your splitter. if you dont use splitter then must install it.

Your DownStream is not right..

Go to this post for benchmarks!

My DS rate is ok.

PTCL applied a new system of doubling the port for a wider bandwidth.

I think the Margin is very less