Are the fights in WWF real?

I still beleive that these WWF fights are fake but a friend of mine never agrees with my point of view. Please comment and clear the mystery.

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They are 110% fake..

even a normal person can tell tht after watching it the first time..

They are indeed fake. Its just for entertainment purposes, with their long speeches and crap. In fact I saw a whole documentary on it years ago which explains how they pull off different stunts. I can't find it right now (but search for it if you have time, its very interesting), but I'll give some of the highlights:

- Loose wooden boards make up the ring base. When someone jumps/falls on it, they make a lot noise while absorbing the impact. They also have microphones under the ring base to amplify the sound of falls.

- The commentators measure the crowd excitement and give hand signals to the referee to indicate how long the match should run. Matches are aimed to finish off when the crowd is at fever pitch at an exciting high.

- When the wrestlers pull off stunts, they are always communicating with their competing wrestler, by means of whispers. Thats how they pull off all those crazy 'special moves' since the whole thing is synchronized between the wrestlers.

- Tables are made of compressed wood chips. Break easily on impact and absorb the shock. Chairs are similarly made of thin metal which absorbs all shock on impact (for example a chair smashed into someones head).

- The real trick: BLOOD. The referee hands a small razor blade to the wrestler. The wrestler physically cuts his own forehead with the razor. The result is a lot of blood, but that is because a shallow cut on the forehead produces a lot of blood, is not harmful and heals very quickly. You might've noticed that the blood is usually from a forehead injury!

So basically, the whole thing is an elaborate setup, hence the reason its called 'world wrestling ENTERTAINMENT'. Having said that, the wrestlers do suffer serious injuries from time to time due to stunts going wrong.

Real fights are the ones in Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) or boxing which can get pretty brutal.

^ Your point no. 2 and 5 are wrong..All the matches are pre-planned and the outcome/result of the match is decided and for each particular match the wrestlers practice in the ring before performing on TV. Refree and Commentators are not involved in deciding how long the match will last its the writing board of WWE which does it.

And as for point no. 5, the wrestlers take aspirin to make their blood thin, so when they get hit by a chair or anything blood comes out. If refree gave a blade to the wrestler everyone would have noticed.

Professional wrestling means performing moves correctly so the opponent dont get hurt..Everyone knows wrestling is fake and they all watch it for entertainment..even the wrestlers themselves, in their interviews acknowledge the fact.

And only boxing is for real..UFC also have pre-planned matches

For more details see:


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^ I wasnt Fighting, I just clearified the two points!


aw man i think you took it some different way.. believe me i didnt had the point of view which is hidden in your above post..

i just threw a stupid joke which came to my mind :P

i m really sorry if you think i had intention to attack anyone ....

@pure_evil: I merely restated the things presented in the documentary. It was very thorough, showing the background training the wrestlers go through to be able to give the smooth performance at the end and its a safe assumption that everything told was factual.

Anyways, this topic is too ridiculous for us to debate over. I said what I wanted say! :)

So compared to this WWF our own Desi Kushty is much worthy. At least it's not fake.

Watch the movie " The wrestler" and you'll know what goes on in the ring

The best is to follow the way of "fight club", that is to start a fight with anyone you see for no reason, after a while it'll get bloody. its real, its live, and its much more entertaining. :P

Yes the fights in WWF are real, but the fights in WWE are definitely fake :)

^ AFAIK, the fights even in WWF (World Wrestling Federation) were never real. and that was the fact that it was renamed with the WWE (World Wrestling Entertainment) to represent not some kind of federation or school or board etc...

It's always been Professional Wrestling since they were WWWF, when they were WWF and from when they are WWE.

^ Actually they changed the name to WWE because of a lawsuit brought by the World Wide Fund for Nature claiming it was their trademark from before...

And of course its fake...there a reason why they call it a 'male soap opera' :D

but in some cases personal grudges have made their way to the ring...anyone remember the Shawn Michael-Brett Hart-McMahon tussle in the nineties?...AFAIR Brett Hart ended up breaking McMahons jaw in the locker room after that :o

fake !

Its fake

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shoot him :P

They are 110% fake…


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220% fake…

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Yes the fights in WWF are real, but the fights in WWE are definitely fake


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next time do tell us in parenthesis that you are telling us joke. :)


I would also agree there about the movie Wrestler. It's a great movie to watch and it will definitely clear all mysteries for me atleast it did. Mickey Rourke did a great job!

Even though wrestling is fake but it's very difficult thing in the world to entertain people with fake moves. The stunts they imitate are way awesome and admiration must go out for their commitment and effort.