Are SSD's a viable option in Pakistan?

I have always read that power failures can cause Solid State Drives to die pretty quickly. Still hesitant to get one in an environment where the power goes out unexpectedly several times daily. How has your experience been with them? Please share

mine kicks ass... with an APC UPS i got nothing to worry about.. =)

They are worth having, the speed is awesome, I have them in MacBook air. After using SSD drives I will never switch back to those old drives. I recommend.

Back in September I got mine OCZ Vertext3 120 GB and only problem in start was a blue screen and after updating firmware, I've no issue again. Speed is awesome. You can really boost your monster pc into most most montrest pc :D Just close your eyes and buy one. And if you pc support sata3, then buy sata3 and if it also support RAID 0- then I must say yummy :)

And if you remember, few months back I've already suggested you to move forward... You are too late :)

Buy Intel, OCZ, Corsair (I don't like kingston personally) Read

my SSD was also giving same problem what i did was i testes the ssd in all my SATA ports by all i mean ALL ports it got detected i upgraded my SSD firmwire and from then its ALL GOOD

Most of the people working at Pakistani online retail shops have very poor English comprehension (especially writing). That's why most of them don't reply to email queries and if they do reply, their replies look like the above post :rolleyes:

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Galaxy has added up some more SSD's

Those prices are excellent!

SDD's are very expensive (9000rupees for 64gb??) + power outages can easily destroy it. I won't think about getting an SSD in this situation.

^one who buys an SSD can easily afford a UPS

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Buy Intel, OCZ, Corsair (I don’t like kingston personally)


That’s kind of ironic, because apart from Intel, Kingston is by far the best option amongst OCZ, esp the Vertex/Agility (3) vs Force GT/Force (3) vs the v200 (Kingston). Sandforce controllers are a pain in the ass pertaining to reliability, and at this point of time I WOULD NOT RECOMMEND SANDFORCE DRIVES. However, if you ARE to get an SSD driven by SATA3 controllers, get Intel 500 series (very expensive), Kingston (highly recommended) or Crucial (not available locally).

And NO. SSDs are NOT a viable option. Given the loadshedding scenario, everytime the light goes out unexpectedly, there’s a small surge left behind in the capacitors. While it should be of no issues with the SLC technology, the consumer drives use MLCs which cause a shift in cell due to this. Too much unexpected shutdowns and there goes the drive. Stick to HDDs or RAID for now and wait for the technology to mature up.

Thanks for the useful information, but I've already said "Personally". You may agree or not may not but I don't like this name :P

use a branded UPS and all your problems will solve .............................

UPS+SSD=Killer combo.