Are AMD Fusion Systems Available in Local Market

Are AMD Fusion systems are availabe in local Karachi market. These systems have AMD E-350 CPU Plus Motherboard in same package. If I rember correctly few years back we used to have VIA CPU+Board combo avaialble in local market. I am mainly interested in it as Intel Atom+Board combo available in local market do not offer good value for money. AMD Fusion systems offers more performance and have powerful graphics good enough for light gaming with excellent multimedia capabilities. In international market they are availbe around $100 and offer much better value than Intel Atom.

AMD is 75% more expensive in Pakistan than outside Pakistan and only available at a handful of shops. It's just not good value for money.

i wanted to buy a system just to surf the net and I wanted to look into something similar. I used to have a via cpu+board and there were quite good for their time. At the same time similar amd duron and athlon cpu+board were also available cheaply in the market. Still are actually if you check the second hand markets in karachi. These combo boards are the best option for a low cost pc running on very little electricity.

However I could not find amd fusion anywhere in the local market. Therefore I ended up making a cheaper system which was faster in the long run to my surprise> my config are:

small form casing with psu.....................500 rs

motherboard intel D945GCPE................1500 rs

pro intel celeron dual core 2.2 e1500.....1800 rs

ram ddr 2 1 gb 800 bus........................1500 rs

(already had the rest of the stuff, all items are second hand and purchased locally)

total rs. 5300

so this is easily fast enough for 720p HD video playback on youtube. If you put in a cheap 7300gs card, it will actually run Crysis on the lowest settings. But since i don't game on this system (and I bought a mobo that does not support a graphic card), I don't intend too.

That's an awesome build! 1GB more RAM would make it perfect.

I am curious where you managed to find the celeron e1500 and a case for just Rs. 500 in Pakistan? Was it from one of those used branded systems ?

thanks rokra,

all items (except for mobo) were bought from naz computer plaza in saddar.

I am all for AMD but you don't get low international prices, the price structure is very strange in pakistan. Furthermore, availability is also limited.