Are 8 GB DDR3 Memory modules available locally?

Looking for 8 GB DDR3 in Karachi. Has any one seen?

Can't have a 2gb x 3 kit?

need 8gb x 2 configuration, remaining 2 slots need to remain vacant for future 8g x 2 upgrade.

will go for 4gx x 4 if couldn't find 8gb single module.

I would be surprised if even 4gb modules were available locally. I suggest you put off buying memory for future uses and stick to 2x2gb for now. When prices come down the 4gb modules will become available and you can install them then.

^ it's a server machine, need it currently.

Sorry Guys Actualy i was in funny mood that time and buddy why dont u go to market and check ????

DDR3 is available in market and i dont konw about 8 gb but

and sorry about last comnt

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^ it’s a server machine, need it currently.

In that case I recommend talking to a major computer shop and asking them to import it for you. You could also talk directly to marsons who are the distributors of Kingston memory.