Arcade Joypads

HI guys can any one tell me where to find joysticks/joypads like the one in the image or anything like that in lahore or suroundings with usb connectors.

Please if anyone have any info help me out.

I really wanna play SSF4:AE on one of these. :)

You'd have to thoroughly search

  • Hafeez Centre in Lahore
  • Uni Center in Karachi

to find it

I found one in sialkot nearly like this one:

but i doubt the quality. And the Price is 1100rs.

^Too expensive for a Chinese item..

He's selling double the price...

hmmm......I'm still looking for it in market but only one shop had this, others have desi ones made of wood i would've bought them but the problem is they were all 4 button.