Applying to Universities in Canada...(need some help)

Hi guys. I just finished with my AS Levels, and got my result yesterday. Mashallah it is a good result.

Maths A 99%

Physics A 95%

Chemistry A 95%

ICT A 93%

Accounting B 87%

Computers B 84% (disappointed with this)

So 4 As and 2 Bs. I got 6 As in O levels.

Now, I need some help with selecting which universities to apply to and just some questions.

I have canadian citizenship and will only be applying to universities in Ontario, Canada.

I am thinking of doing nanotechnology/mechatronics engineering.

1) First of all, which universities should I apply to? Currently, only university of waterloo and university of toronto are on my list. Please recommend me some others.

2) Secondly, how much of a chance do I have of getting accepted into waterloo and uot? Also, do I have a chance of getting scholarship or not?

3) Thirdly, do canadaian universities require SAT? I am thinking of giving SAT 2 subject tests(physix, chem, maths lvl 2). Will I benefit from having good score in SAT 2? Should I give SAT 1 or no?

I am hoping for some good feedback from you guys. Thanks!

Holy crap did you take 6 courses in AS level?!?!.....crazy overachievers! :P

1. Waterloo, Toronto, McGill, Queens, McMaster. Though nano/mechatronics are very new fields and I'm not sure all of them offer it (Waterloo does for sure).

2. With your results you'll get into every university.

3. If you have a good SAT score it can only help you. It is not required for Canada though.

If you have any other questions, just shoot! :)

I was hoping to receive some help from you. :)

You have pretty much answered all of my questions, and am much relieved now, that I can get into those unis. But, what about scholarship? Do you think I would be able to get some scholarship from those unis as well?

and which SAT they prefer more? SAT 1 or SAT 2?

Fahad like I said Canada doesn't require SAT, but if you take either one or both and have a good score it can only work in your favor. So take one, both, or none, its all up to you!

Since you're a Canadian citizen, money should be no problem for you. There are a number of scholarships open (look through each university's website and you'll find more info). However you'll also qualify for OSAP (Ontario Student Aid Program) which is a government sponsored financial aid program in case you didn't know and they give you money (though a lot of it is in interest-free loan form which you have to pay back eventually after graduation). Look into it.

If you come to Waterloo, all engineering programs have co-op system built in. That means you'll have 8 academic terms and 6 work terms. The work and study terms alternate, so you study one term then work one term and repeat till the end. You earn a LOT of money since you're working full time every four months FOR four months, and you'll easily cover your expenses since as a Canadian your tuition won't be that much.

I HIGHLY recommend Waterloo. Its the most recognized university for engineering in Canada at least. Google has an office in waterloo, Bill Gates drops by every two yrs to beg students to join Microsoft and so on. Its a really happening place. If you get in here you won't have any money troubles, you'll get a lot of work experience and you'll also have a job waiting for you when you graduate.

For most universities, results do not matter as much as your ability to bear the costs. Regardless, good showing on your AS Levels.

Just a query but why don't you want to do graduation from Pakistan?


Thanks for the info. I will look into the OSAP thing.

Waterloo has always been my number one choice because of their awesome coop program. Lets see what happens.


I have canadian citizenship so unlike other international students, money isn't much of a problem for me.

Plus, I will have to work extra hard for the entry tests for every uni here. I will have to learn a lot of stuff from FSC for the entry tests. And if I am not able to make it to a gud uni then it will be tough going for me....

It isn't that difficult to get into a good university in Pakistan. Regardless, it is your choice so go for whatever you want!

Fahad from what I've seen of university, I've realized that crummy old studies are more or less useless. Its all about the experience, both general life experiences as well as work experience which really gives you the real 'education' which is much sought after. When you get into university you'll realize that the system is so much faster, and it really doesn't contribute much to long term learning (like the O/A level system did). Employers nowadays don't really look at your university grades much. What they want is a person who can adapt and learn fast, is flexible, and has applicable knowledge. For example, if you have a high level of proficiency in an object oriented language, that skill will get you employed a lot faster than if you have say a 90% average in school. Thats why the co-op system is so much better than plain old studies, since you actually learn something useful which will help you in life and your career.

With good grades AND Canadian citizenship, you have a golden opportunity to really rack up a lot of experience, which more than 99% of Pakistani's unfortunately won't have. Sure there may be good universities in Pakistan, but the experience of going abroad in a new environment and working in different corporations will be unparalleled. Make the best of it, and look me up when you get to Waterloo! :)

well, first of all I dont know much about this A-Levels thing. but as far as I know "AS -Level" is considered as 1st Yr, one have to clear atleast 3 A-Levels papers to apply for any university. Correct me if I am wrong


Both A and AS levels are equivalent of Intermediate.

*edit You don't need 3 A-Level passes to apply for a university here in pakistan. The last time i checked you only needed 2 passes.

@Fakeera: AS-level is equivalent to the North American 12 yr high school system, so yes you can apply abroad after AS. Depending on how good (or bad...) your results are, you may or may not get a conditional offer from the university asking for say at least 1A and 2B's in your A levels etc.

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well, first of all I dont know much about this A-Levels thing. but as far as I know “AS -Level” is considered as 1st Yr, one have to clear atleast 3 A-Levels papers to apply for any university. Correct me if I am wrong

In UK, Australia, and New Zealand (AFAIK) they follow the UCAS tariff, wherein each A level pass is given certain points based on the grade. Based on the tariff/points table, you get 60 points for an AS-level pass with an A-grade. Since you have 4As and 2Bs at AS-levels, your total points will be 60 x 4 + 50 x 2 = 340 points. Now unless they specifically mention more requirements, this should be sufficient. You may contact the international dept. of universities for confirmation or check their websites out for more details.

It’s generally safe to have 3 A-levels for international universities though, but I have heard of people getting admission based on UCAS tariff alone.

@executionist: last time I checked with FBIC they say that u need 3 A level papers to get an equivalence certificate. that was about 9 months ago. I dont know about the university criteria.

sah & Asad_N: Thanks for clearing that.

That's an awesome result. Congratulations!

I got 2 A's (one of which is an A-Level grade as opposed to AS), a B and a D. Not great, I know, but that D will be gone next June. I'm thinking about what to do next, too. Any place other than Pakistan isn't really an option unless I get some financial aid - but is that likely with this result?

Sorry if I'm hijacking the thread Fahad!


I seem to be getting your point. Practical work is much more useful to have then your grades, eh? I guess that makes sense.

Now, I just hope I make it in to waterloo.


I am not applying to universities right now. I will be completing my A levels next year. I may continue all these 6 subjects or drop 1 or 2 for A2. Although, most universities I checked, only require a minimum of 2 full A levels. Although, AS level result is much more important because universities accept or decline you based mainly on your AS level result since your A2 result doesn't come until only one month is left before the start of semester in uni. You just need to try and maintain the grades at A2 then. I will be applying to these universities in January or February.

^ You will be applying to universities around December this year right?

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^ You will be applying to universities around December this year right?

december, january. somewhere around that time.

The requirement for good local universities is 60% in FSc or equivalent.....and in Alevels u need to have 3 subject.

check ....everything clearly explained

entry in universities depends more on entry test which can be replaced with SAT score, in case of NUST and i guess LUMS too

and its hard to get into good local universities, as compared to international universities....

i got A C C E grades in AS ::(

gonna repeat C C E, in june

a personal query not related to tawpic but....

I have heard that, the A-levels(A2s) result is not out by the time we have to apply for universities and submit documents, and getting equivalence certificate also takes two weeks. Is there any truth in what i have heard.....and if it is so whats the solution ?? Consider the situation if i have to apply for (NUST, UET, GIKI, LUMS)

get a certificate from your college/institution stating that hopefully you will get the required grades, thats what a few of my friends did when they were applying. I am forgetting the name of the certificate.

^ Provisional certificates?