[Application]Super AppLock; Best App to Protect Phone Privacy

Have you ever worried about your phone privacy infringed by your parents, your friends or even strangers? Lucky you! Today I am gonna introduce an awesome app for phone privacy to you all. I have to sincerely explain to you guys this is not an advertisement cause I just downloaded this app the other day and I found it very useful and practical. Consequently, I wanna recommend this practical and useful app to you all.

[App name]: Super AppLock (Privacy Lock)
[Support]: android os, 7000+ brand, support android 5.0/5.1
[Developer]: PrivacyGroup
[Get from Google]: http://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.privacy.lock&referrer=utm_source%3Dforum1
[Recommend]: ★★★★★ (5 stars)
[Features]: Free&No-ad, small size, light, beautiful themes, stable, google material design

Easy to start, clear tutorial:
When you first open this app, you need to follow three steps to create your own password, an easy to remember number or pattern password, and check the apps that you want to lock. You can shift password / pattern in settings. See the steps here:

One tap to lock/unlock apps
After setting password, you will enter this page, lock apps. Almost all the apps of your android phone will be listed here. System apps: gallery, media, contact, call, SMS, Settings, camera, note, files,etc, Installed apps: facebook, line, Gmail, mail, play store, messenger, instagram, youtube, skype, games, browser, search engine, etc. Watch this screencast, and press the grey button to turn into blue one and lock it up! Easy and useful. Have a try.

Photo/Video/File vault:
Put photo and video in the safe vault, a smart way to protect our privacy. The photos and videos you moved into the vault will not be shown in mobile gallery. No one else but you can access the safe vault with a password. Sounds cool?
Lock files is very useful to me, because I always have a lot files, documentations , novels, notes that I want to keep safe. So I usually lock them up in the file vault, I think it is super safe if I do so. But one thing to improve, if I can read my files in the vault, it would be much easier for me.

Advance protection
Are you wondering what if someone has uninstalled this “Privacy Lock”? Yes, that is my concern too. This app has thought this out completely: Advance Protection, in settings options. When you enable “advance protection” , you won’t be able to uninstall any app on your phone from system, the only method is you enter “Privacy Lock” and stop advance protection”, or press “uninstall” button in Privacy Lock list. Very sound right?
Beautiful Themes
Currently it has over 30 themes, I admit, they are very beautiful! I personally like Chocolate, Wedding, Scorpio themes best! This is a beautiful app with so many themes to choose, and they are completely free to use. Keep new ones come faster please!
http:// https://41.media.tumblr.com/1f32b879d12284de570f090cc69339f0/tumblr_nuhoalLkCd1u4cvnlo6_1280.png



Super AppLock is free and no-ad. This is clear to see they really want to do something. As to the performance, very stable. I lock all my important applications, nobody else without the passwords will be able to access my mobile. Pretty cool!