Apc with solar suggestion

i want to plan 3kw apc with 4 ags 100 ah battery. further next month addition of 250 watt 2 solar panel. with charge controller/ is it right choice or not. load is only 600---650 watt. only 5--6 hour use

what should the back up time.???

is it good choice or not or some other suggestion. what should i do ??


s aslo tell me the model name apc 3kva

tu tu relpy kaer dey:mellow::mellow::mellow:

Google Peukert’s law/equation to understand battery capacity vs discharge rate.

Personally I think you will be better off using higher capacity batteries with dedicated solar charge controller/inverter.

My experience is that three AGS GX-130 (110AH each) in a 36 VDC UPS will handle ~500 watt load for one hour and recharge in 1.5 hours. If outage is longer (i.e. battery is drained more), recharge will be slower and battery life will end faster.