APC UPS + Solar Charge Controller Would this work as 12V DC UPS?

I have two products in hand i.e

An old APC UPS 500va and 10amp pwm solar charge controller

and I want to convert them into 12V DC UPS

Can I take out APC battery and connect it to Charge Controller’s battery input and APC’s battery cables to Charge Controller’s power Input?

Would this setup work as 12V DC UPS?
Actually I want to run 2 cctv cameras and a 4 channel DVR on it and instead on running it over AC I want to run them directly over 12 V

And if this is not a good idea then what kind of power supply I should connect to my solar charge controller ? DVR consumption is around 40W


if you APC 500 VA model Smart ups 500 va with touch button then its fine for your setup but u hv to hv a 12v charger to charge the batteries as 500 va has 0.8 amps internal charger … but if u hv back ups model cs then this setup wont work … i m here talking abut ur ups plus battery setup … don no nething abut solar stuff …

thanks for the reply yes I just checked APC amperes these are ok for battery charging but my total load will be around 5amp I donot know if it is good idea to go with this solution or If I buy a 5amp power supply then what will happen to my 7ah battery which only need 2mp max to charge

Better use a simple PC power supply and use its 12 volts output .