APC, UPS, Sacred sun, AGS batteries, Stock clearance..!

Got a few items for clearance to make room for our new stock.. this is a service for the members here as any of this stuff can be sold in market for higher prices, but for respected members of WP, this is a bundle of clearance stuff at lower price..

  • An APC 2200VA at 1680 Watts and Ultra high Charging..

this is not any ordinary APC unit.. it has BRAND NEW pure copper FETs, which makes it almost like a BRAND NEW APC UNIT...

and while every other model of the 2200VA will go charge at max 14-16 amps, this is a specially modified unit with charging upto 25 Amps at 48V.. this is almost 2x more than what a normal 2200VA unit is capable of.

this is our own personal professional unit, which is also perfectly working in syn with Solar panels and has all the features APC is famous for... AVR, Sine wave, All voltage range charging, no PC restarts.... Modified to work with batteries upto 240AH...routine APC units canot fully charge more than a 165 AH battery due to charging LIMITS.



Price is 25k Fixed..no bargaining or anything...Most hot and highest demanded item in market, so expect it to dissapear soon..First come First Serve basis..Only 1 such rare quality unit... 2200VA normal routine units are also available for 23k at 15 amps charging as well, if you need to save money.. but since this thread is about clearance items, those commercial sales are separate, not part of this thread..

  • 4x AGS 165AH batteries.. (used)

got these 4 batteries for use at home or office.. few months used ...they are in excellent condition, always used on an APC unit.. clean white plates, clean caps, always running dead cold due to excellent power control by an XL unit.. charge upto 13.75 V float...and Still have a backup time of 5-6 hours approximately on any home fan and lights combination.. runs a Desktop powerhouse PC for 4-6 hours.. Warranty over, batteries in pristine internal and external condition..perfect for anyone who wishes to have a cool summer this year at quarter of the price of those Damn Exide crap batteries.. you can test the backup and battery voltages to your satisfaction.

new price is over 14k i think these days.. these are for 5000 rs each.. either sell 4 or atleast a pair.. no individual sales... for individual 6000rs, if you must..just know that even a dead old battery sells for 3500rs as scrap, and these are fully functional excellent condition long backup batteries with over a year of life left if used with a good UPS..

this is not the crap exide or Osaka.. so dont compare rates to them.. this is AGS.. compare AGS with AGS only... expect battery prices to rise to 16k soon as summer approaches.. discount only for someone who buys all 4...but dont expect miracle.. this is a healthy powerful battery being sold at almost the price of junk scrap iron rate..


  • Sacred Sun 100AH 4 batteries...brand NEW..

this is our last set of 4 batteries remaining.. Future batteries coming soon are 150AH and above..mostly gel, which are almost 2x the price for the same in AGM..ie. . and they are much more expensive.. New stock is also going to be more expensive since there is additional 60% duty now on import, so expect 5k per battery price hike soon..

this set is for anyone who wants to run their whole house on backup power all day on solar and many many hours at night.. usually it can run a load of 500W for around 5-6 hours in backup which is a huge load.. and normally UPS are not running that much all together..

They have a designed life of 10 years.. and are unbelievable value for their backup and life. they are TRUE deep cycle batteries, with a very high DoD..!!

Will give them as a set of 4 since breaking and selling units will create problem for us.. Work best with an APC ups or a Charge controller or any charger with good DC output and voltage sensing..

Price is 20 k each.. must sell all 4 together... or get yourself someone to share ... best is to use all 4 together and forget electricity loadshedding problems for many years..

Considering that local wet battery is about to rise to 16k for 150AH which have actuall backup of 130AH or less ., this is the best offer you can ever get...just clearing stock,,


  • Hi-Roller 100AH gel and 100AH AGM battery..

just 2-3 units left.. these are our Commercial display Only units. Brand NEW. and one battery is gel and other is AGM.. this is our other office stock, so you need to confirm about those units before buying and availability.. Gel price is a lot more than AGM.. keep that in mind.. both are Shelf models standing vertical like bookcase.. they are packed so dont have their pic.. they are brand new...

  • A 1000W (1200VA) Local quality Ups

have an old 1000W ups lying around in office from good old times when there was Actual quality in manufacturing.. its a full 1000W unit, with a HUUGE transformer with copper winding.. its just lying around since most of our office is on APC now.. this ups was used to run our office IT network and it could even run a laser printer with ease (not recommended though),.. it had a very clean output considering desi ups, and has adjustable charging rates of 5, 10,15, 20, and 25 Amps with internal connector, which is Extremely powerful for its capacity.. its a 24V 2x battery UPS... havent used it in long time.. just disposing it off to clear space..

going in garage Sale for 8k.. you canot get a quality 1000W UPS for that price..for comaprison, the APC 980W below sells for 19k.....if you would like, you can get a new kit installed in it yourself and add an LCD display of charging meter..if you are willing for the experiments, you can get it for 7k and get the unit kit and Lights set yourself.. if you want me to do that for you, it will cost you more.. i dont have time these days so you can get it done yourself and i will give you the 1000rs discount.. also will give you reference to a good UPS repairman who will modify your stuff or put new kits or whatever you like.so you wont get ripped off with cheap components..



just the shear weight is too much for the ups assuring quality...just getting rid of this unit as it is not used any more.

  • APC 1500SUI.....980Watts

Nothing to say about this unit that hasnt been said already.. got this one working with original APC internal batteries for use in office for display unit..Charging rate of 12 amps,, works with 2 batteries.. upto 980W.. no restarts and clean sine wave output with AVR.


19k Fixed price.. zero bargains..First come first serve basis only..Comes with all original connectors..

  • APC 3000XL 2400watts...and APC 3000XL at 2700 Watts..

best of its kind.. this beast runs everything in your house ,., charging rate of 20 amps.. can run with multiple battery sets.. hugest transformers capable of powerful loads..works with 4 batteries..ideally suited for large homes. medium offices.. can run a solar inverter AC, microwave oven, iron,etc. (on at a time tough)..

as is evident.. even this beast has a charging of 20 amps, and the 2200VA mentioned above has a charging of 25 Amps.. the NEW pure copper FETs make all the difference in quality and durability.

Difference between the 2400W and 2700W is the charging.. 2400W have faster 20 amps peak charging and are Standard units.. 2700W SMD units have lower charging rate but with higher conversion PF of 0.9 making efficient use of power and minimal power wastage.. 2700W is best suited for Solar system because charging is from solar all day so you get the best benefit of maximum power use... 2400W is ideally suited as a one UPS for everything in house..

30k for the 2400W...

33k for the 2700W, with a power factor of 0.9..

a few units available..All these units come with proper internal hardware modification and connectors for connecting batteries and complete UPS installation kit with imported connectors and thimbles for clean point to point terminals., such kit alone is sold by shopkeepers for 2000rs and that too with local lower quality cables...we dont do that cheating.. what comes with it is given to you.


Original pic of the XL in stock...Visibly Clean and Quality units as Anything.. all units are checked and thoroughly tested for many hours before selling....

Location : lahore... shipping difficult as items are very heavy and cost will be high..plus you can come and see and check to your satisfaction..

Contact :

0321-4711774 ..

SMS are most preferred method..

Read and comply with clauses 1 and 2 of the B/S/T rules.

^ All done..

APC UPS 2200VA sold

Sacred Sun 100AH batteries all four sold

One 1500va stabilizer Sold.

Rest up for grabs still..


why am i not able to edit the 1st post?

APC 3000VA XL Sold..

SUI1500 VA sold.

Sacred Sun 200AH stock arrived..

SPG Series 44k each.. new with warranty..

I have bought 4 batteries&2400 watts apc ups from Farhan although the one in post was sold he arranged for me another one.i must admit i have very good experience of buying products from him he is very cooperative guy&also supports you regarding products installations.He is not type of guy who avoid you once products are sold.The products are as genuine as in his post description. Amazing thing is that he gives best suggestions to you regarding your requirements & he is not in a hurry to sell all his products all of a sudden&no fraud or cheating with genuineness of products.The sacred sun batteries give extended battery back up while running gree 1 ton inverter.His offer was superb as new ags come around 14 but he offered each for 20K if you use such quality dry batteries you will find difference between quality&performance of both.Plus he has vast knowledge about batteries,ups,solar systems, inverter aircons.i strongly recommend his views positive based on his experience with these products

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He is a genuine guy ,bought a charger for him few years back.. he didnt even ask for the upfront money from me.

Very good sales man infact :P

^ Why you little :P

UNLIKE you, i am not salesman.. :D


2 more APC 1500 Sold.

4 AGS batteries and stabilizer remaining. AGS batteries will go in pairs only.. please dont ask for single battery.

Sab kah rahay thay, maine bhi kah diya :)

^ Ahaaa,. :D`

Paa ji, tussi great ho :P

2 AGS Batteries,, and Local UPS sold.

List of remaining items

2x 1500Va Servomotor Stabilizers 5k each.

2x AGS 165AH batteries. 5k each

25amp 24V 2 battery charger, Custom made local, 5k (not pictured above, will post pics soon)

25amp 24V 2 battery charger, Custom made local, 5k (not pictured above, will post pics soon)

BUMP!!! Need two batteries brothaa

PM replied.!!

Only servomotor 1500VA Stabilizer remaining..!!